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Are you enthusiastic and self driven?


With video analysis, correction and a progression plan developed specifically for you. You'll always have a qualified coach ready to push your riding up a notch.


While it's true that nothing will be better than having an on site coach, this online coaching program will give you an easy to follow road map to help you achieve your goals. 

How it works:

Step OneThe first step is going to be to gather some footage. The more you send me, the better I'll be able to analyze what we need to work on.


Step Two: After a careful analysis, I'll develop a detailed plan with simple steps to help you achieve your goals.

Step Three: I will then send you the plan that will not only have easy to follow steps with drills and exercises for both on and off snow training; it will also include talk over video that will explain you why we are working on this and how it will help you get better.


Step Four: Time to shine. Hit the slopes and follow the plan.

The rate at which you improve will be tightly related to how much time you spend working through the plan.


Step Five: For the last step, I'll be doing a weekly follow up where we'll talk about how things are going. I'll also look at any further footage and provide further corrections or exercises as needed.

As the results will hugely depend on how self driven and disciplined you are, here's where all the other programs will in most cases accelerate your learning by a 10x fold. At the end of the day nothing compares to having an onsite coach to encourage, analyze and make corrections every step of the way. 



Contact me directly for further details.


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