What's a coaching day like

The starting point for anyone who wants to improve their riding.


Our coaching day will start with setting goals. Anyone who wants to achieve something needs to first know what that something is. 

Then we'll do a thorough warm up that will not only prepare our bodies to perform at its best, but will also target specific movements that will be crucial for achieving those goals.

Next is all hands on deck.

We'll head over to the best terrain/features that will help you ease in new movements and gain confidence. We'll perform a series of drills and exercises specifically aimed at achieving your goal.

Minor corrections and getting mileage in varying terrain/features will help us retain what we've achieved. That's why the remaining of the day will be spent perfecting and consolidating what we've learned. 

By this point, our day on the hill would be over and it can be.

But there's a huge array of things we can do off the hill that will help us get better on our boards.

The following activities are optional at no extra cost.



Stretching Session: If we want to head up the hill and keep progressing the following day, it's imperative that we stretch. This is a guided stretching session that will last between 15 and 20 minutes, and will target all the important muscle groups we've used throughout the day.

Gym Session: With bigger goals in mind, our bodies need to be ready for the challenge. A typical Gym Session will last 1hr and target general fitness and specific muscle groups that will help us perform on the hill.

Extra activities: Many activities can complement our Snowboarding. Notably trampolining, which gives us better Air Awareness, core strength and coordination. And also skateboarding which helps us build better balance relative to a moving platform. Trampoline and skateboarding coaching sessions will generally last between 1 and 2 hours.

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