Passionate About Inspiring Others

I'm a passionate person. I believe that learning and sharing knowledge is one of the finest joys in life and I'm thrilled to share my knowledge with other people. I want people to excel at what they do and to learn from my experience. While working with me I'll make sure you get everything you need to achieve your goals.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The ods were not in my favor when I first started Snowboarding.

With the nearest mountains at over 700 miles, and none of my family or friends really into skiing or boarding. No one would have ever guessed I was one day going to get in the National Team and travel the world representing my country. Not even in my wildest dreams.

I saw snow for the first time when I was 15yo and did my first full season when I was 18yo. By age 24 I was standing at my first FIS World Cup event right next to riders like Mark McMorris, Sage Kotsenburg, Staale Sandbech, Shaun White and every other well known rider you could think of. The year after I was invited to join the National Team.

I wouldn't go as far as to say I've cracked the code of how to get to be a pro Snowboarder in a weeks time. But I have learned a huge deal when it come to progressing fast. I've learned how to maximise training time on snow, how to learn and retain new skills faster, how to accelerate my riding and avoid injuries through gym training, and how to advance motor skills and air awareness through trampoline and skateboard training. When it comes to improving fast, everything counts.

Looking back at my career I only regret one thing. After being in the National Team for years, I now recognize the value of having a coach and I wish I had one when I first started. Whether you train with me or look for coaching elsewhere, if you take the sport seriously I strongly recommend you to get a coach.

I've seen plenty coaching programs that promise the world and underdeliver, and I also know snowschools that will charge upwards of 800usd for an under-qualified and under-experienced instructor. The truth is, whether you're an athlete or a recreational snowboarder with big goals in mind, you deserve better. 

It's been a personal goal of mine to meet motivated snowboarders who want to improve their riding and help them along the way. I've gone from being a student to being an instructor and then from instructing to representing my country at World Cup events, and now after all those years, I'm proudly coaching. 


It's all of these that's brought me to launch my own personal coaching website.  I've created a few programs that are aimed at helping both avid recreational Snowboarders and pro Athletes who want to advance their snowboarding.​  

Whether you're trying to be the best Snowboarder at your home resort, your Province or State, your Country or the whole World. I'll make sure you have everything you need to achieve that goal.

  • Canada Snowboard - Comp Intro Coach cert

  • CASI - Canada Snowboard Instructor Level 3 Cert

  • CASI - Canada Park Instructor Cert

  • AIR 1 - Trampoline Coach Course

  • AIR 2 - Trampoline Coach Course

  • Canada Avalanche Asoc. - Operational 1 Cert

  • AADIDES - Snowboard Instructor Cert

  • Assistant Coach for National Team - Current

  • National Team Rider - 4+ Years

  • Trampoline Coaching Experience.

  • Snowboard Instructing - 3000+ hours


Martin Jaureguialzo

5399 Westahen Wynd,

Vancouver, BC

​Text: +1 778 793 9793


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